Saturday, July 09, 2005

Play by their rules and you will survive

Do I have to subscribe to one of the ism-s to survive? Why this fixation within society and with men that he has the best method of solving problems and his ideology should be ceded to by one and all. And see the paradox, he wants other men, the same creation to pledge support to him and to do what -- to prove that he is right. When was this social milieu created? But on the other hand, I do feel that this is the thread which is keeping the social order in place, else there would be anarchy if true freedom prevails. The beast that man is, the needs to be baited always, and enough to keep the savage inside him crushed. We have been seeing and will see more in future the rise of this barbarian under different hoods, he will rise and rise until freedom is achieved. If you ask freedom from what - freedom of expression, freedom from oppression, freedom of thought. This freedom is gonna bring a few things, but will peace be one among them. I doubt it. Then will it be worth it. Yeah, maybe.

What has Capitalism achieved us? What has Communism achieved us and for that matter what has most of these ism-s achieved us. More delusions. The only thing they have accomplished is push us into more chaos. No, don't get me wrong, I am in no way intending that this is bad. I think what it has achieved is just ephemeral. But then these are just smaller parts of the bigger revolution which seems to be happening as we speak.

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