Thursday, October 19, 2006

Equilibrium with acquired state

All emotions are a result of the body deviating from its normal acquired stable state. As the chemical imbalances have moved the system from its state of inertia, so to speak, it will try to regain it. In the process of doing so, it tries to find the right combination of the chemical substances from the ones at its disposal and expending the energy to move this system, kind of create an anti-pattern. This anti-pattern acts as the crest to the trough caused by the deviation. So its good, in a way, to allow all emotions to express themselves since you are helping your body to get back to its lost acquired equilibrium state.

What if you keep this disturbed equilibrium state for long, suppressing the emotions? Then this disturbed state becomes your newly acquired stable state.

How about you make this "deviation from its acquired stable state" a challenging task for any external system imposing this change? You do it by moving to a higher ground where you make changes in the internal system an ardous task.